The Light Bringers

Ash The Renewal: One of the 27 Lightbringers of the Winged court, and the Lightbringer of Renewal. Their Domain and authority revolves around life after death. Their Samnals are noted for having a great propensity for fire magic, and many of their rituals require fire sacrifices of food or object. Their domain also taken parts into the aspects of the earth and magma, as they took part in the war of the light bringers long ago.

Archetto the Melodic: One of the 27 Lightbringers, Most noteable for being the patron deity of bards and travelers. She was for being the creator of the beast kin, and her preferred form is similar to that of a humanoid with feline eyes.

Broca the Story Keeper: Broca the Storykeeper is noted for keeping the chronicles of the world. However they are also attributed to developing the common trade language of the world, as well as planting the seeds of knowledge for mankind to develop their own unique languages across the various nations.

Ceylone The Erudite: The Erudite is noted for advancing mankind through the use of creativity. When this Light bringer came into the world, they were gifted with a drive to explore the bounds of the world around it, they retain a humanoid form, however their body has seam and faults, as if they were comprised of starry puzzle pieces. The Erudite is patron to various artists and inventors.

Cantabile the Shield: Cantabile is noted for creating the dome that shielded Nivora from the world around it, she's capable of creating impenetrable defenses and domes of hyperion capable of simulating isolated biospheres. As of recent years following her death, her mortal successor has used her power to a far greater degree than what she could have ever done originally.

Dagda The Remembrance: This Lightbringer is noted for traveling around the world and erecting various places of worship to the fallen lightbringers during the age of coalescence. Her followers state that she can still hear their whispers in their ears, she has yet to choose a Samnal to the present day, however her followers are avid scholars entropists and maintain various graveyards across the entirety of the Shelonan Theocracy.

Erato the Permanence: The Lightbringer that presided over stasis, stagnation, and permanence. In various holy scriptures, and retellings of various stories states that she has an immense hatred for The Amender, making it a borderline obsession. However this obsession nor the reasoning was ever realized as Permanence was killed in the fall of Nivora. No one knows how entirely. However their successor would go on to become the order.

Flint The Ember: Following the creation of mankind this lightbringer was attributed to bringing fire to the first people. There isn't really any noteable stories besides this initial achievement, however this lightbringer was also noted to organize the festivals that would go on in the city of Nivora. However after her death, their successor was the Eternal Flame

Frost the Ever Winter: Originally long ago after the war of the lightbringers, the everwinter created the northern and southern poles to prevent a coming heatwave after the war. She was noted for creating the grand frozen landscapes that encrust the Northland Consortium.

Highmore The Rising Tide: The deity that presides over the ocean currents, she rejected living in the city of Nivora and escaped the consequences of the fall. In scriptures it's believed that she went to the Orsika Gulf to Erode the continent and to prevent pollution of the ocean as the gulf was tainted heavily by the light bringer war.

Istina the Huntress: Istina is the deity that provides over the art of hunting, originally a kind young goddess in the past, after the light bringer war she awoke to her true nature. Reveling in the thrill of hunting her quarry, she had cleansed the world of the creations of the previous light bringers who happened to be too dangerous for the world.

Indra the Champion: Indra the Champion despite being a deity, ultimately was the blade the Shelonan Theocracy brandished towards dissidents. She became the patron deity of soldiers, however she would ultimately fall when Nivora fell. She was killed by the dissedents she looked down and in turn, the Medicus was formed.

Kafka the Seeker: This Deity sought to explore the ever changing world of Mezeran, the lover to Broca the Story Keeper, she would leave the city of Nivora and return with chronicles to share with Broca. She was one of the deities, she didn't resent the Amender for the war, as she found her true purpose in a changing world.

Lan the Endless: This deity is the most enigmatic, it actively participated in the Lightbringer war and consumed various different powers from other lightbringers. As such they gained a formless body, one made of pure hyperion. Many followers of the endless worship them for endless growth in the Sea of Identities.

Quercus the Silver tongued: Following the creation of Nivora, Quercus finally gained a title they could call their own. They became the pillar of commerce within the city, and in turn she strove to put a price on everything in the world. However she didn't live long after the creation of Nivora. As she was destroyed by the grand ice sheet. Her only notable achievement was creating the great bazaar.

Shalem the Jubilation: This lightbringer was a ray of joy within the city of Nivora, he would strive to ensure the populace of their chosen disciples would always remain entertained within the city. They organized plays, festivals, death matches, fight clubs, and concerts. Nonetheless this deity wouldn't live through the fall of nivora as they would be succeeded by the Empathy.

Sesa The Radiant: Sesa the Radiant was the original sun lightbringer. He's the reason as to why this world only has a singular sun. Despite many texts portraying him as a righteous and noble soul, he actually consumed his other brothers during the war of the lightbringers. As such only he retained his divinity and dominion over the celestial body, called the sun

Ringokt The Woad Tree: This deity surprisngly didn't participate in the lightbringer war, however he manifests himself as a giant tree in the city of Nivora, given that he was a tree, he was an unmoving pillar that suspended the dome over Nivora. However his roots also fed the people of Nivora, recycling and producing nutrients for the soil of the city fields. However he was splintered by the grand ice sheet and killed. His successor was Gaia, the wandering world.

Sora of the Rosette Sky: This deity is attributed with the every changing sky. She was originally wed to Sesa, and together they would share the sky, and create the beautiful colors that are associated with dawn and dusk. She was killed by the uprising in Nivora. Her successor would become Swire the Eternal wind

Arene The Abundant: Arene was the deity that created the angelic race, he also pioneered the study of Abundance, however neglected their studies upon creating Nivora. Through the use of their powers and the study of abundance they had prolonged the lives of his followers for extreme lengths, however they would soon die like everyone else when Arene fell with Nivora.

Ambriel the Kindred: A extremely kind deity, however not much is known of the deity. The secrets of her cult were forgotten in Nivora, such as the arts of creating ruby red silks. What is known of the deity is that she loved to walk the streets of Nivora and participate in activities with her creations, those beign the elves.

The Remaining lightbringers were either forgotten to history, or disappeared all together. The secrets of these Lightbringers are hidden to all besides the most devout of priests, Samnals, and the lightbringers themselves.

The Lightwardens were once mortal men who attained godhood, as such they became the pillars of what mankind in this new age.

Luo The Bulwark : This Deity inherited their power from Cantabile the Shield. Like her, Luo presides over the concept of protection and defense. However unlike Cantabile his understanding over the concept is much broader in a sense, allowing for mankind to spread out across the world, he doesn't delude himself in the belief that something is indestructible.

Revache The Blazing: Revache inherited their power from Sesa the Radiant. The ultimately function in the same vein as Sesa, however the power ultimately changed him, and the aid he received during the usurping in Nivora directly prior to the Ice sheet coming, he was mortally wounded by his benefactor and lost a great amount of his divinity, cooling the world somewhat.

Ensia the Order: Ensia the order ultimately is a powerful lightwarden, she rose to power and originally opposed to taking the lightbringers power, but ultimately was tempted by the power. After coming to find that their benefactor stripped her comrades of some of their divinity, she was the only one left. In turn she and her followers would act towards righting this wrong. By creating a world of order. Their followers are devoutly loyal to people they see as just and worthy of ruling. As such they retain multiple holy orders across the world.

Gebura the Reaver: She was ultimately the second in command to Revache, however after arising to godhood, she would claim Indra's power as her own. Becoming a suit of armor constantly dripping in blood. She's typically worshipped by soldiers however her relationship with Revache soured greatly.