Though Pyr contains multiple walks of life, these are the most prevalent races you’ll encounter as you traverse around the Swirling Maw.

Lunar Nomads: Lunar nomads can trace their beginning to the aquatic species that roam deep within the waters of Tear. They are a kind and gentle people who only use nonlethal force when it’s absolutely necessary. Physical Description: Nomads are husky and humanoid with varying skin tones based on how deep their original species once swam in Tear’s waters. They breathe through their gills and wear ceremonial neckwear that allows them to breathe in waterless environments. Journeymen: These are the more commonly experienced Nomads one would encounter within the system. They wear long, robe-like clothes and are armed with nonlethal weapons that take inspiration from their days of using wooden oars. Depth Dwellers: Before the Dance of the Cosmic Wanderers a select few chose not to partake in the journey. These nomads stayed below the ocean waves, developing features that stray away from their humanoid forms. Though they may possess tentacles and fins, they are still nomads at heart and are still welcome in Nomad circles. It is the Depth Dwellers that inspired the settling of the Lifegiving Moons Beliefs: Life among the waves of Tear was harsh for those who floated alone. This is why Nomads are quick to help other species and normally stick together. The Journey: The ruins of Tear have helped shape much of the Nomad’s understanding of the universe. Because of their knowledge of the Voyagers they believe that they too must wander, traveling the oceans and then the stars. The Ascension: An almost cult-like following that has taken over most nomad circles. In order to bring light back to Pyr a Starcaller must study the magics of the system and attain godhood so that they can follow in the footsteps of the Voyagers and sacrifice themselves for the good of the system. Magic: Nomad magic is about fluidity, being able to flow with the tides and work with the waves. They view the void as one cosmic ocean, and their astromancy allows them to see the hidden ‘tides’ moving the planets and stars. Settlements: nomad living communities are built on the backs of the gigantic turtles that live on Tear. Before the Great Settling these communities were more temporary, with nomads coming and going based on what part they were on their journey. Now these cities are overcrowded, with hovels built on top of each other. Their buildings are shell-like and work with the great beast that provides them with shelter. Void Raiders: A wounded and honorable people. At the heart of every Raider tale there is a monster that is vanquished or an enemy that is slain. Now their enemies are invisible, laws and policies carried out by an uncaring empire. Physical Description: Raiders are tall and thick-muscled, clad in steel armor and rugged furs. Stag: Stags possess a noble visage with large ears and in some cases antlers. They make capable chargers, favoring spear weaponry. Bear: The largest of the Raiders, with grizzled appearances and almost fur-like hair. These are the tanks, carrying large two-handed weapons. Wolf: Wolves are agile and swift. They have fangs and claws and wield swords and shields. Wolves are known for sticking together. Raven: Ravens are quick-witted and wise. It is because of the Ravens that Raiders are able to travel the stars. Ravens use bows and staves. Beliefs: The Raiders believe that Pyr was the result of a grand between two siblings, one that was everything and one that was nothing. Pyr was lit by the first sword strikes clashed, igniting the star. It is said that the siblings are still fighting and the ensuing battle is what makes life possible. While the mythical beasts were all companions from the everything sibling, the one who is nothing is said to have one mythical companion, a giant worm. Magic: Each Raider is descended from one of the four different lines of Rune Sisters. A Raider’s line shows you what kind of runes they’re able to use most effectively. Over time the Raider’s line will manifest itself through the continued use of Runes, granting them certain physical characteristics that the mythical beasts once carried. The spellwork of runes shows how adaptable Raiders can be, but it’s not unusual to find Raiders with a particular bias as to the runes they use. Settlements: Raider’s live on great voidships that house hundreds of tribe members at a time. These massive metal long ships are all they have left of their home-world. Their ships prioritize form over function with smiths to make weapons and armor. They don’t stay planet-side for too long. Hammerkin: The Hammerkin are a resolute and industrious people. They are hardy and resilient. Because of this most Hammerkin technology is hazardous and downright dangerous to the other ‘softer’ races. Physical Description: Hammerkin are small and stocky, using their mechanized armor suits to appear taller. Their skin texture is a mesh of skin and stone, with crystalline protrusions that function like hair and beards. Beliefs: Hammerkin believe that Pyr was created when the great forgemaster struck his hammer against the anvil of eternity to make the first star. They believe that it is their duty to create and innovate. Magic: Hammerkin magic involves hammers, forges, fires, and explosions. Their creations are built to last and weather the centuries in a tireless fashion. Their spellwork is blunt and efficient. Settlements: The Hammerkin are more accustomed to living in earthen, tunnel-cities. Since their assimilation into the empire they’ve had to adapt to their assigned living stations, sprawling, pre-fabricated structures that provide only the basest of necessities. It is not uncommon for the Hammerkin to create tunnels in these empire-made establishments, in this way they preserve their culture, underground and out of sight from imperial patrols. Forged: The Forged of the Clockwork Enclave generally keep to themselves. As a people, they are still trying to forge their own identity. They are truthful and generally well-meaning, though they do see things in a different light than their organic creators. Physical Description: Forged vary drastically based on their original assigned duty. Some were once heavy brick-laying machines, others were refined speakers and eloquent servers. No matter their assignment, they are mostly humanoid in shape, covered in metallic plates that safeguard a magic, pulsating crystal that gives them life. Beliefs: Forged believe that before they were made they existed as spirits, swirling around the ether. They are then harvested from the ether and bound to a physical shell by the will of their maker. Magic: Forged do not possess any grand magical capabilities. But they are able to navigate the stars based on the latent magical abilities that are housed within their crystals. Settlements: The Clockwork Enclave is a fleet of ships that contain the Forged who separated from their creators during the Metal Uprising. Their ships have no oxygen and no windows, and are composed of massive, clockwork structures. Imperials: Imperials are a people of convenience. The majority of Imperials are fiercely loyal to their nation as a whole and staunch believers of Endless Light. But there are some Imperials, those who are further away from the capital, who look at the Emperor’s will with a critical eye. Physical Description: Imperials are lithe and long-lived, possessing sharp, angled features, pointed ears, and fanged teeth. Their clothing is bright and ostentatious and in some cases, blinding. Beliefs: In the center of the universe lives a creature of Endless Light. Its rays spread out into the dark giving the planets their shape and people their form. But the shadow grew jealous of the Endless Light and struck its blade into the solar creature. As the creature lay dying the first flame keeper rose his chalice to the creature's wounds, gathering precious starlight. The flame keeper ran, far away from the center of the universe, and found the Golden Reaches. It is there he poured the chalice of starlight and gave birth to the star of Pyr. The people of the Golden Reaches possess the blood of stars and light, signifying their divine right to rule. The Emperor is the only being in Pyr who is spiritually closest to the light. Magic: To the Empire, magic and faith are intertwined. The strength of your faith determines the strength of your solar magics. The more powerful the solar magic, the closer one has to be to the light, making the Emperor the strongest solar magic user in existence. Settlements: Imperials live on massive city-structures that dominate the landscape, their architecture is lavish and utilizes columns. Marble and gold are common materials used in their construction. Motifs include the sun, the emperor’s visage, and fire.