(These things could also serve as characters depending on plot progression)

Owlbear Werebats - cross and vamp and a werewolf and you get this Lemkeys - picture a cat and a lemur crossed, prehensile tales, lovely companions Dragons Tunnel worms - rare giant worms Demons Mandor worm - parasite Gerbil Fox White stags Elephant deer - bigger deer with trunked noses Rock lizards - live in northern mountain range Tusked alligators Diggers - pests that cause sink holes Griffins Forest lion - a lion that lives in the forest, has a greenish hue to their mane Squirrels Caller (bird) - bird whose call can be heard for miles, sometimes domesticated to use for an alarm of sorts Giant Eagle Rolling beetles Octopeds - creepy guys that can imitate shapes and sounds Sea Tigers - the giant creatures that invade land Monkey Lizard - furry lizard critter Werewolves Red wolves Humming Stork Tree leech - thing that sucks the sap out of trees Stoats Giant moles Tiger Spiders - giant spiders that have markings like a tiger Iden Snake - most venomous snake in Elliria Mountain goats Mountain snakes - rather large snake-like creatures covered in fur Rock beetles - look like rocks, but beetles Much more!

(All of these things can be used for crafting a myriad of different things whether they be clothing, food, potions/spells, poisons, medicines)

Sea Grass Blackroot Scrim’s Mushroom Red Mark (Mushroom) Kelp Six Leaf Clover Stink Flower Nederberries Grave Vine Lavender Mint Winterberries Ellie’s Milkweed Pettles Lore beans Fox Flower LionNip Rogg’s Snapdragon Snowshroom Drizzleleaf Blackwood Pinewood Rubber plants Swamp wood Much more!

Minerals/Precious Metals/Gems
(can be used to make special weapons, items of protection, armor)

Steel Gold Silver Jade Saphire Modrian Lasmiontine Malionine Beach Molhalite Lavendar Nyeroite Much more!